Reference Check

Reference check has become part and parcel of most job interviews.

The hiring company would want to ascertain if the candidate they short-listed has given accurate and up-to-date information during the interview. This is to avoid costly hiring mistake.

Hence, besides requesting for your resume information and documentation proof of your credential, work related experience and remuneration, they would seek interviewees’ permission to conduct reference check with past employer or present employer for an opinion of you as an employee.

More often than not, they would contact the HR personnel or your past / present superior or even co-workers. Hence, it is to your advantage to always maintain good working relationships with your superior and co-workers in various departments. Do keep those you listed under reference updated of your job search and pre-empt them of the reference check. You should let your referees know which company and what job you have been short-listed for prior to the check. It is worth the effort to ensure you received positive reference check. And touch base with them again after the reference checks both for courtesy purpose and to learn how the reference check went.

Sample Reference Check Questions

1) When did the candidate work for your company? Please confirm the start and end dates.

2) What was his/her last drawn salary?

3) What were his/her position and job responsibilities?

4) How did he/she leave the company?

5) What were his/her strengths and weaknesses?

6) How was his/her relationship with management and co-workers?

7) Would you hire him/her again if you are given the opportunity?

However, if you are not open to it, state it clearly and potential employers will respect that decision. And you should suggest alternatives like testimonials from past employments or conducting reference check with business associates.

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Headhunters – How To Manage Them?

Have you received calls from headhunters before? They called your personal line, addressed you by your first name and asked if it is a convenient time to talk about an opportunity. These calls were out of the blue and you felt flattered.

Headhunting firms are different from recruitment firms or employment agencies. Headhunter conducts target search for specific roles based on client’s instruction. The placement fee involved can be as high as 30% of annual remuneration package. Upon receiving an assignment for a search, they would study the industry, map out the talents available, find out their current and expected remunerations and their willingness to move. Next they would present the CVs of suitable candidates who are keen to move to their client for short-listing. Headhunter would often reveal the hiring Company to the selected candidates shortly before the first interview. By then, the headhunter would have profiled the candidate via written CV and face to face meeting. And he would have administered internal assessments or other assessments required by the client.

Do not let the initiate excitement get into your head. After that phone call, you should research on the firm and the hiring company if given the name before committing to anything. Use the internet, business directory or ask someone in the known. And assess the headhunter and his company for yourself during your visit to the headhunters office. Where the office is located, its deco, its staff members and list of existing clients are essential information to assess the headhunting firm. Headhunting firms of various sizes exist in the market. On one end, there are the boutique size headhunting firms with limited resources, network and niche focus and on the other, there are big headhunting firms with greater resources, network and wider reach. You should decide which firms you want to leverage on to enhance your careers growth.

It is good practice to maintain contact with a few reputable headhunters throughout your career. An occasional phone call to chat or to inform them of your advancement in career and openness to new opportunities should be sufficient. You can consider attending their function such as networking or industrial talk if you are invited but avoid over exposing yourself. You would not want to be seen as an employee who is too eager to move on.

Though headhunter is a good mean to connect you with the right employers, do not rely totally on them to find new opportunities for you. You should take a proactive role and drive your own career forward. It is easy to say but harder to say no to the headhunter. When you need to turn down an offer received via headhunter, do it professionally and tactfully. Remember itïs your career, you should know what suit you best. But don’t burn bridges.

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Handling Job Interview Rejection

You might receive the job interview rejection through email, snail mail or a phone call. If you received the negative news via phone, stay calm and thank the other party for informing.

It is not the end …

Give yourself some time to get over it if this is the dream job you have work hard to get into the final round. Continue your search after examining why you have not been short-listed for the job. Do not be too hard on yourself. Sometimes, it just isn’t a good fit or they cannot offer you your desired package or the position is no longer required due to budget cut. Move on after that self examination. Do not take that rejection as a personal rejection. They have rejected your skill set not you as a person. Stay positive and try to learn some things from every interview you attend. And work towards improving yourself on both personal and professional front.

However, if you realize that you are rejected due to gaps in term of skill set or qualification, you might wish to consider taking up a course, furthering your studies or even go for some form of certifications. This will eventually align your interest and aspiration with your job search.

I know it is hard to smile and feel confident after spending months or even years looking for full employment without success. If you are fresh out of college with no financial commitment, it is much easier, however if you are a mid career, you might feel stress out trying to fulfill your financial commitment. A piece of advice is to spend some times to review your financial commitments. Be realistic and only spend on stuff you and your family need to live decently and trim down on the extra or luxury items. You will feel better and breathe easier.

You might feel all alone …

And unwanted especially if you cannot share the job interview rejection with anyone for fear of causing the other party to be disappointed or grieved. This is commonly followed by denial and then anger. Watch over it as it might lead you to abuse yourself like drinking excessive amount of alcohol or vent your anger on your loved ones through words or actions. Next you would play the incident over and over again and even rationalize why you were rejected. The final stage would be acceptance. You would come to term with the reply and move on.

It is good to see the job interview rejection in the right light; is part and parcel of life. It happened to everybody not just you. And you need to face it squarely. Stick to your job search objectives. Don’t lose sight of it. If you need time out, go for it like spending time playing a favourite sport, watch a comedy, and go on a short get away with a friend. Get re-charge before starting from where you left off.

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Social Media Marketing Advertising And Everything You Need To Know

Use the accessible promotion that is certainly set up on the social media websites. Not just could it be relatively economical, it can be focused in the direction of particular key phrases that users publish in their user profiles.

Publish the type of articles that could be shared. Learn to create in an interesting manner in which can make individuals wish to promote your creating using their pals and associates. This is the most important issue that you can do with social networking. If you would like arrive at more people, you must be worthy of it remarkable quality written content is vital.

In case you have a weblog, use a Retweet option towards the top of every post. Whenever you location this on the top of your post, it makes it easy for others to share with you your blog site through Tweets. It tremendously improves the quantity of people you may achieve together with your text or info.

Check the regards to support of each and every social websites internet site you make a profile on. Make certain that be aware of the rules of your website you happen to be generating a description on, or else your user profile could possibly be deleted and all your hard work is going to be eliminated. Some websites usually do not allow affiliate links so be aware of sites regulations before beginning.

To be the ideal form of get in touch with over a sociable-networking site, you want in order to consult with your customer one person to another. Your customer does not desire to talk to a big firm. If the consumer is aware they may be talking to just one person who cares regarding their concerns, it provides them a lot more religious beliefs with your company.

When you use social media marketing marketing and advertising, you may have to modify and renew your objective and desired goals regularly, to help you stay on focus on. The conversations may take your advertising lower unanticipated trails, so it is advisable to re-assess the path it is going regularly and adjust correctly.

Position out on the planet of social media marketing means greater enterprise upcoming via your doorway. Finding ways to get noticed can be challenging even though, as being the competition will almost always be trying to stay a single stage before you. In the following paragraphs, we have provided some impressive recommendations that can enable your business to accept steer.

Keep your Facebook account kept up to date for more effective marketing. Everyone loves to get updated and are more inclined to be considering content material which is new. Once you come up with a post you should discuss it in your Facebook page. This may double your advertising and marketing efforts from a publicized website.

As you have seen, there are lots of strategies for incorporating social networking in your company. You will be pleasantly surprised about the boosts inside your business when you learn to use social media marketing and advertising inside your organization advertising strategies. Take advantage of the ideas in this article to obtain your business developing nowadays.

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Secrets of Attraction Marketing 5 Steps to Success

Global Recession and Household Budgets

With the economy as it is today, many of us are trying to find ever new creative ways to make more money. While this can stem the tide to a small degree, there are some more drastic transformations you can reach for that will not only help you survive tough times but can positively change your life. Read on and I’ll explain these basic attraction marketing principles.

Home Based Businesses

Whether you run a home based business in network marketing, internet marketing or any field that requires some level of understanding about marketing, you probably already know the power of attraction marketing. Here are a few steps you can begin to take to align your business with the principles of attraction marketing.

Five Steps to Success

  1. One of the first and perhaps most difficult steps is to begin to look upon obstacles, challenges, and mistakes as what they really are: opportunities for growth. Without problems, we would have no reason to expand and grow. Begin to accept and welcome challenges into your life.
  2. While many of us can remember with great detail every time we failed at something, the same attention is not paid to the small, daily successes we all enjoy. Shift the focus more towards highlighting your successes and begin to get a more realistic picture of how awesome you really are.
  3. Know that each of these new skills and coping methods will take time to grow. Begin where you feel comfortable and then build on those. Rome wasn’t built in a day and no one’s mindset was completely transformed overnight.
  4. If you wait around for inspiration you may be waiting a very long time. The truth is, any inspiration you encounter will always come from within you. Find the things that motivate you and begin to surround yourself with them.
  5. Find meaning all around you, in the good, bad and neutral. Without your participation, life will happen without you. Stay in the game by keeping your eyes, mind and heart open to the beauty that surrounds us all.

It’s All About Taking Action

These five steps will give you everything you need to take the action that will start bringing you the success you deserve. Think about these steps and how the apply to attraction marketing. Don’t forget to reach for the stars!

While we all want to learn more about attraction marketing to help boost our businesses, the sad fact is no matter how successful we think we are, without a proper understanding of our current global meltdown your hard-earned cash is NOT safe. We are witnessing one of the greatest transfers of wealth the world has ever seen. Which side will you be on?

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5 Smart Promotional Folders Buying Tips

There are certain tricks that every business man have to employ in order to drastically hack marketing cost. For instance, when you are planning to use imprinted promotional folders in your next promotion, the important secret is buying these customized in bulks to get the lowest price possible.

For further explication, here are the top 5 customized folders purchasing tips that can serve you to really stretch your budget:

  1. Do Some Product Research

The first thing any clever man should do before actual purchase is research, which in layman’s term simply means, window shopping. You have to search for various wholesale customized folders sellers so you can compare and contrast the quality and prices of what they offer. Extensively, you will notice that all the customized folder producing companies will offer you cheap bargains since its wholesale. However, tap the company that not only offers the cheapest price, but also the top-caliber quality. The web is the proper place to do window shopping, for it has all the information that you need about customized products manufacturers. Further, you do not have to hassle yourself and go from one place to another just to canvass for a good customized item manufacturer if you will just explore on-line.

  1. Always Pick Quality Over Price

You will notice that some wholesale customized items producers will offer you really cheap prices. But, do not be lured by these marketing baits because oftentimes these bargain folders are lousy merchandise. Remember: how long your brand will be displayed depends entirely on how long your customized item will last. Accordingly, always tap quality over price and nothing will go wrong.

  1. Be Aware of Extra Benefits

There are companies that include a lot of goodies in their wholesale customized items packages. For example, there are some companies that render free design consultation, free shipping and free artwork enhancement if you will shop in big bulks. Go for these companies because they hack the need for further labor and the need to budget more money for such.

  1. Purchase From Direct Manufacturers

If you are on a tight budget, it is best to pay for wholesale customized items from direct manufacturers. In Essence, direct manufacturers are those customized item stores that do not import products from other countries and produce the custom merchandise themselves. Importing adds over-and-above fees on each customized item you buy, so buying from direct suppliers will give you a lower cost. Call the hot lines of companies and ask questions regarding details such as this to help you make an brilliant choice.

  1. Haggle for the best and lowest market rate of your promo folder

Learn how to duly and politely negotiate with wholesalers so you can get the best deal. Incessantly ask for a lower price or for extras and additional goodies, such as free shipping. Show a little of your charm to get the best possible customized product price you can get.

Extensively, a successful wholesale promotional folders purchase should not be as stressful as various people think it is. You just have to know some old tricks that clever purchasers have been using for years. Follow the customized folder buying tips mentioned above and tread on what clever men had already walk upon.

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